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Could outsourcing your auto claims be the solution? Read the report here.

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Case Study: How Strategic IA Partnerships Led to Claims Success

What began as an exclusive partner for a large carrier’s CAT Auto division turned into a new full-service claims partnership and an auto program built specifically with their needs in mind. 

The Challenge 

The exponential growth of a Fortune 500 insurance carrier exacerbated common issues of unpredictable influxes of claims, long cycle times, and even more rural areas in need of coverage, making the search for a reliable vendor partner a top priority. In comes TheBest Claims Solutions. 

“They had great success with TheBest Claims as their exclusive CAT Auto vendor and were looking for the same results in their daily services,” shares Sam Barnes, VP of Business Development at TheBest Claims Solutions. Recognizing the need for quality programs and reliable solutions, the national carrier took a chance on a new vendor for Daily Auto Claims. 

The Solution 

Since they were already utilizing TheBest Claims as an IA vendor for CAT auto claims, it made sense to utilize their robust network of adjusters for their Daily Auto Claims. There were 3 things about their IA network that set TheBest Claims apart from the rest: commitment to customer service, quality work, and their national reach; the perfect equation for providing carrier partners with the same quality of service as their in-house staff. 

Top-Notch Customer Service 

One of the biggest concerns carriers have when working with IAs is whether they will deliver the same level of service that their staff adjusters pride themselves on.  

“There’s no harder work environment than one of grief and loss, which many of our customers are facing for the very first time,” comments Ashley Grimley, Claims Team Manager at TheBest Claims. “Our team treats every policyholder with compassion, as we understand that we have been given an important responsibility of helping them get back to being whole again.” This understanding inspires everyone on their claims team to provide the best service and support to each policyholder, regardless of who they’re insured through.  

Consistent and Quality Product 

With previous vendors, the final product was always inconsistent and reporting often contained errors, especially as work piled up and turnaround times became dire. A vendor who prioritizes accuracy and quality was at the top of the Carrier’s wishlist, and they found their match with TheBest Claims. 

Through a robust Quality Assurance team that oversees every claim and adjuster along with rigorous processes, TheBest Claims ensures estimating accuracy and adherence to guidelines every step of the way, eliminating unnecessary supplements. 

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities 

The industry average for cycle times is longer than ever, averaging 23 days in 2023, a nearly 6-day increase from the previous year. This is due to the high volume of claims, but also the exceedingly difficult-to-reach rural areas. While industry cycle times are increasing, TheBest Claims has reduced theirs by 25%. By utilizing their extensive network of IAs, they can handle claims in even the most remote locations while having a positive impact on their partners’ cycle times. 

From dynamic workspaces that fit upwards of 350 claims professionals in each call center to thousands of claims professionals within reach, they can scale to meet the requirements of claims programs big and small. 

The Results 

“We have one of the #1 Inside Adjusters on our team!!!!!! Casey has met 100% of the goal metrics every week since last year. His metrics are so high sometimes that he helps our team’s overall score meet the goal for [the carrier] when some of the adjuster’s goals are below average.” – Claims Manager

Their shared values became the building blocks on which the two organizations built their partnership. TheBest Claims not only leveraged its network of trained professionals but collaborated with the carrier to create a new entry-level position, contributing to the development of quality talent aligned with the carrier’s standards. 

As new programs were deployed and claims resolved, the impact was evident—TheBest Claims delivered on their promise. TheBest Claims has handled over 32,000 auto field appraisals for the carrier, witnessing improvements across the board. Through updated technology and an emphasis on clear communication across the organization, TheBest Claims ensured seamless collaboration and high-level quality of service for every policyholder. 

The reviews are in: TheBest Claims Solutions leads with compassion and comes out on top. 

“I just wanted to express how impressed I am with agent V. Martin. He came to my home to inspect the hail damage on my car and was professional, smart, kind, friendly, and thorough. I was comfortable in his presence, and his capability and tact are top-notch.” – Carrier’s Policyholder

“What a great experience it has been working with Shirley P. over our insurance matter. I am in the service business and these days customers demand great service and service on their terms. It is hard to find employees as talented as Shirley. She is a good listener, extremely knowledgeable, highly effective in her follow-up and a delight to talk with. You are very lucky to have Shirley on your team.” – Carrier’s Policyholder

In the competitive landscape of auto insurance, scaling to become a leading player requires more than just ambition—it demands strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Both of which you will find when working with TheBest Claims Solutions.

Partner with TheBest Claims today.

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