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Atlanta Office Space Empty

A Perfect Place to Handle Claims

We’ve officially opened a new center for claims outside Atlanta, GA.

Located in the vibrant and growing area of Alpharetta, GA, you’ll find 34,462 sq feet of possibility. From private offices to call and training centers, our newest office space is a dynamic solution created to fit the needs of the growing claims industry.

Why Atlanta?

As a central travel hub, Atlanta was the obvious choice when considering where to expand our business next. With easy access to public transportation and everyday conveniences for those on short-term or long-term assignments, Alpharetta is an ideal spot for claims professionals.

Combine its close proximity to areas impacted by storm activity with a growing, populous community, and we’re able to operate at a larger, more effective capacity.

A Collaborative Space

As a newly constructed space, the facility benefits from top-of-the-line technology and furnishings, creating an optimal work environment for any professional. Featuring 3 conference rooms created with collaboration in mind, a cafeteria-style dining hall, and 8 call centers that can be tailored to fit anywhere from one to 500 adjusters, our partners will have the opportunity to make our new office location their own. Built with flexibility in mind, the space offers up plenty of options to fit teams of all sizes.

Built to Weather the Storms

Our Atlanta space was intentionally designed to accommodate hundreds of claims professionals at any given time, making it the perfect place to handle increased claims activity. Because the space is outfitted with multiple call centers, we’re able to upscale our staff during CAT season or house our partners’ growing teams, thereby expanding our reach.

No matter your business size, space needs, or circumstances, our newest facility offers a dynamic work environment that is sure to help you and your organization succeed.

Interested in learning more about what our newest office has to offer? Contact our team today.

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