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Leadership Spotlight: Armando Andrade

When he first joined TheBest Claims Solutions in 2017, Armando was determined to leave his mark. Between his years of experience and unmatched knowledge, Armando has built a claims division that truly reflects our mission of providing quality solutions that put people first. All while aiming to make his family proud.

In celebration of 6 years with TheBest Claims, we sat down with Armando to talk about his time with us and what motivates him to be “TheBest” at what he does.

In the 6 years you’ve been with TheBest Claims, what’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

I am most proud of the claims segment that we have built. To see us grow from a company that focused on direct hiring and being a resource to the industry, to becoming a full-fledged claims organization. We’ve had tremendous growth over the last 6 years, where our biggest focus was building out a program where we can infuse and ingest new claims and new clients and create a seamless experience for them.

What inspires you in your day-to-day?

I am inspired by creating and building a legacy, so that, quite frankly, my children can look back one day and say, “My father made a difference for a company and an industry.” But beyond that, I’m a people leader. I’m primarily focused on seeing people grow and watching people develop. When they have that “aha” moment, when their lightbulb goes off, what that does for them, is just tremendous for me. I know as an individual, I won’t live forever, but if I can inspire, if I can positively impact somebody and that inspiration is what lives on, then I’ve done my job. I’ve served my purpose.

Is there something that especially inspires you about our organization?

What inspires me about our company is our ability to try anything. When we say we are TheBest Claims Solutions, we truly embody that language and that ideology in that we will find a solution, regardless of what that business may look like and it may not be what we do on a day-to-day, but we can find a solution that is predicated and can be weaved into the fabric of our company, and I don’t know if there’s ever been a time when we haven’t been able to successfully do that.

You were with your previous company for a while, what’s something you learned during your time with them?

My previous role taught me the foundation of my leadership style and the foundation of how I operate. My three areas of focus are built on communication, teamwork, and results. When I think about every single goal that I have, it fits into this framework. I had the opportunity to work in many different roles, I think I had 6 or 7 jobs in the 17 years I was there but each of those different types of roles allowed me to grow into a different type of person, a different type of leader. I know that those things are what created the opportunity for me to be successful here.

Do you have any daily habits you swear by?

I typically start my day with some sort of affirmation. So recently I’ve been doing these 20-minute affirmations where it’s kind of just positive speak. You know, I’m a firm believer in positive thoughts and positive speaking creates positive results.

What’s something you love about your job/what you do?

My team. I have a great team, and collectively, we have over 200 years of experience. One of the things that I try to hone in on is allowing and reinforcing my team to utilize each other. Because if we operate in separate silos, we’ll never be successful.

You know, we just have our own experience. I’ve got 22 years of experience, but if I tap into Larry’s experience and Alex’s experience, Steve’s experience, my experience has gone from 22 years to 120 years. Because there isn’t a situation that we’ll be presented with that one of us hasn’t faced at some point.

Do you have a favorite experience you’ve had while working at TheBest Claims?

I have many, but if I had to choose one, I’d say it was probably my first major catastrophe. Because I was able to see the true power of us working in unison. I was able to see how all the different teams, from compliance and payroll to account management and recruiting impacted claims and how we were able to have this heavy lift, if you will, and create an amazing result. And it was my first opportunity to see it.

So, I would say that’s probably the most lasting experience that I can say transformed my view and gave me this realization that I was a part of something great.

What’s one thing we wouldn’t know by looking at your LinkedIn profile?

This probably won’t be a surprise to you, but I am driven and motivated by the image that I present to my children. One thing you wouldn’t know is that I’m a father of three. My oldest will be 21 and my youngest is four. Everything I do is, is for and about my children. I try to do things from the perspective of if somebody walked up to one of my children and said, “Hey, your dad did this,” they’re not going to be anything but proud.

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