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Packages from Home

When it comes to organizations focused on giving back, a standout in our community is Packages from Home. Founded in 2004, Packages from Home has dedicated itself to supporting our nation’s veterans, and the impact it has had is truly remarkable. Over the years, they have provided a staggering 463 tons of essential items to deployed service members, offering a touch of home when they need it most. But their mission goes beyond just sending care packages – it’s about fostering connections, providing support, and bringing communities together.

For Packages from Home, their motivation to help comes from the veterans they serve. Veterans often express that receiving a package is more than just the contents; “just knowing that someone back home was thinking of them can bring a bit of joy to their day,” says Hannah Beasley, Operations Manager at Packages from Home. Whether it’s through the many packing events they host, the weekly PTSD support groups they facilitate, or the fundraisers they promote, Packages from Home “brings people together and connects communities,” says Beasley. Through their initiatives, they’ve created a network of support that helps veterans find stability and rebuild their lives.

Supporting organizations that are focused on strengthening local communities is something TheBest Claims prides itself on. Events like TMPAA, where they host packing stations, make it easy for our friends in the insurance industry to give back. “It’s a great cause with great people leading their team,” said Katie Dancy, Marketing Assistant at TheBest Claims. Katie spent two days volunteering with Packages from Home at TMPAA, where she learned how dedicated their team is to their cause. “By using their personal experiences to influence and inspire their cause, they have even more of an impact,” Dancy continues.

To get involved with Packages from Home, visit their website, where you’ll find various ways to support their mission. Whether it’s through purchasing prepackaged care items or volunteering your time, your involvement can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our veterans.

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