Settlement Negotiation Best Practices

One of the most difficult aspects of the claim process is handling settlement negotiations. Between balancing the carrier’s financial needs with the insured’s expectations, learning how to navigate both legal and emotional complexities with finesse is critical. Our very own Sam Barnes, VP of National Accounts, has put together his fool-proof strategy and best practices […]

Navigating the Fast Lane: Auto Adjuster Best Practices

In the world of insurance claims, auto adjusters navigate the fast-paced highway of assessments and settlements. Handling a multitude of claims in a single day requires adaptability, efficiency, and a set of skills that go beyond just crunching numbers. Wondering what it takes to succeed in the dynamic field of auto-adjusting?   Rituals for success  […]

New to Adjusting? Here’s Where to Start.

New to Adjusting? Here’s Where to Start

Deciding to pursue a new career path is scary. We’re breaking it down into a step-by-step process to help make the change a little less intimidating and a whole lot more exciting. What is an insurance adjuster? When someone files a claim on their insurance policy, insurance adjusters (or claims adjusters) investigate to determine liability, […]