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Team Spotlight: Contents Creation

For Barri leading a team of claims professionals comes naturally. While she prides herself in her leadership abilities, she’s also lucky enough to be backed by all-stars who make it easy. This is why, when we reached out to talk about Barri’s achievements as Manager of Contents Creation Services, she immediately turned the spotlight on her team, “As a manager, I prioritize celebrating and recognizing the efforts of my team.” 

Her response after asking her what about her team she celebrates most? “Each member of my team has technical abilities, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and leadership qualities.” 

Get to know what sets our Contents Creation team apart. 


My OG Dedrick Epps: 

When we first took flight and started receiving an influx of creation onsite claims assignments, Dedrick and I managed the files together. He played a vital role in testing procedures and collaborating with me to put together strategic protocols and workflows that complement the culture of TheBest Claims. He still flies with me today. Dedrick’s ability to keep a calm and collected state of mind in the face of chaos and change helps balance the energy within our team. He is my ride-or-die; he is loyal and doesn’t waiver when it comes to doing the right thing. He sees potential in everyone. When the going gets tough, Dedrick keeps going. He is a strong pillar of our team. The team respects him. I respect him. 

The Man with a Plan Adam Franciosa: 

His motivation and entrepreneurial mind are what make Adam woven for greatness. As my Senior Creation Specialist, he is always contributing ideas for our department’s growth, development, and profitability. He doesn’t hesitate to take on challenges and plays to win! He is respectfully competitive and not afraid to level up the playing field. “The Sky is my Ceiling,” I have heard him say on several occasions; I believe it for him. 

The Amazing Jessica Olson: 

I have had the privilege to work with and witness the development, growth, and stages of success in Jessica’s professional career in the insurance industry for the last 10 years. She always keeps herself in a “Learning Zone”. She is compassionate, driven, organized, and attentive. She is my right-hand man, always one step ahead of me when she is made aware of escalating requests from inspectors and works closely with other departments to streamline processes. As my Field Coordinator, she dispatches the claims to our Creation Specialist, deploys claims details to the inspectors, helps manage and resolve field inquiries… and so much more. A lot goes into Jessica’s daily tasks, and she does it flawlessly. She is intelligent and witty and helps steer the ship in Creation. 

🎵 “This Girl is on Fire” 🎵 Jillian Johnson: 

This young woman is unstoppable. She runs an Olympic desk!  Jillian always has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. She is attentive to her adjusters and inspectors. She has extensive knowledge of restoration and mitigation. When investigating her claims, she has “Borne Identity” skills and gets the DEETS! She strives to set each of her inspectors up for success in the field, holds them to a high standard of caring for her policyholders, and has no exceptions to that rule. She means business doesn’t bring 🎵 “no scrubs… a scrub is a… “🎵 ok, I am sure you get it. OH YEAH, and I almost forgot to mention. THIS GIRL CAN SING! LIKE REALLY SING!! 

Legendary Miss Lindze Scrogham: 

Need a team of 10 on your assignment? She’s got you! Lindze has handled some of our most complex commercial claims. Her ability to delegate detailed tasks and objectives to multiple inspectors and keep them organized and working together is second to none. She’s not afraid to jump in her ride and show them how it’s done in the field, either! If there is a claim close to her location, don’t be surprised if she shows up suited up. She has great leadership capabilities. She swings at every fastball that comes her way. Fieldwork can be difficult, but she understands and respects the hard work and efforts inspectors put into this that result in successful inventories. Inspectors who face the challenges of handling a claim for the first time or need an extra boost of confidence can always count on Lindze. 

Unstoppable Chelsea Lewis: 

She is our Mary Poppins of Claims. Miss Chelsea always has a warm welcoming smile for everyone. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she doesn’t run a tight ship! She is calculated and thoughtful with her instructions and the approach she wants her inspectors to take with her claims. She always makes herself available for questions and guidance and is not afraid to make quick decisions on the fly. If the path to completion of a claim is tangled with complicated circumstances, she will make a way for her policyholders and inspectors to get through it. 

Stoick Tyler Meyers: 

Tyler has a presence that brightens everyone’s day, not because he makes a loud entrance or announcement that he has arrived, but because he is genuine. Tyler is extremely intelligent and particular about how he runs his desk. He is mindful and patient with others even when they may not deserve it. He is extremely motivated to succeed with his goals and doesn’t shy away from challenges and growth opportunities. He is constantly driven to improve no matter what and take it to a level of mastery, and he expects his team to do the same.  

Our Cool Cat Chelsey Saviono: 

Chelsey is stern, kind, and compassionate. She values her policyholders and her adjusters. She is a hard-working professional. She goes all in to get her adjusters exactly what they need and holds her inspectors accountable to be their best. I constantly receive feedback and compliments from inspectors and adjusters who value working with her. She is detail-oriented and has worked with some of our adjusters for many years in the insurance industry. She is proactive and committed to our department and her own success. She handles every claim with integrity.  

The Helping Hand Anthony Brinkoeter: 

You will always have a helping hand with Anthony. I have yet to experience him turn down a task or challenge, and every claim comes with both. He always has a positive attitude and interacts positively with his teammates. He seeks out areas and issues within our department that he can improve and be useful. He keeps superior records and notes on his claims.  

I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They demonstrate resilience in overcoming obstacles and maintaining productivity under pressure. We support each other during challenging times and celebrate each other during our successes.   

Learn first-hand what makes our Contents Creation team different. Partner with us today.  



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