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The Ladder Safety

The Ladder Safety Steps Every Adjuster Should Take

As an adjuster, ladders are likely a part of your daily routine. The CDC reported last year that 43% of fatal falls in the last decade involved a ladder. Whether you rely on a ladder every day for work or it’s something you use sparingly at home, here’s how you can practice proper precautions.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Ladder

There are four main categories to consider when choosing a ladder.

Style – There are numerous styles of ladders, so be sure to choose one that can best accommodate the work you do daily.
Height – How tall does the ladder need to be? Pick a height that best fits the type of buildings you plan to scale.
Duty Rating – What kind of load does it need to support, and what environment will you be using it in?
Material – Should your ladder be made of aluminum or fiberglass?

Step 2: Safety Before the First Step

Now that you’ve picked the right ladder for you, there are a couple of safety measures you should take to ensure a steady and secure climb.

Inspect the Ladder 
It’s important to check your ladder for any fractures, chips, surface cracks, or foreign materials that may negatively impact your climb.

Consider Your Environment 
Where you set up your ladder is as important as the ladder itself. Ensure the surrounding area is clear of debris and the ground is stable before setting up your ladder.

Step 3: Safety While Climbing

Now that you have set your ladder up for success, it’s time to climb. The most important thing to remember? Maintain awareness of your surroundings, keep at least 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times, and wear proper shoes.

Step 4: Safety at the Top

You’ve made it to the top! It’s more important than ever to remain cautious and vigilant of your surroundings.

  1. Avoid overreaching
  2. Do not attempt to ladder-walk or hop between ladders
  3. Always wear protective gear
  4. Keep three points of contact on at all time
  5. Follow the instructions provided on your ladder


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