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Your Guide to Every Catastrophe Adjuster’s Toolkit

It’s August, which in the world of IAs means the first big storm is right around the corner. And whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, every independent adjuster needs to have all their essentials ready to go as soon as a storm hits.

Our pros walked us through the items they don’t dare leave behind during CAT season, and we’re sharing the expertise with you, that way you have everything you need to take your deployment by storm.

A Collapsible Ladder

During CAT season, you’re going to be constantly on the move, which means so is your ladder. This is the time to break out your most flexible ladder option: the collapsible ladder. These ladders can fit in almost any vehicle and are typically light enough to carry long distances. Our experts recommend purchasing an aluminum 16 – 20-foot ladder and an 8-foot telescoping ladder. Having two ladders in your Cat Kit could be useful if the property you’re inspecting requires a double pull. Our experts also recommend reviewing ladder safety measures prior to your first assignment.

Some Multipurpose Boots

When you’re working in unstable environments, having footwear that supports you is a top priority. Whether you’re going to be climbing ladders and inspecting roofs or navigating tough terrain, the boots you choose

A true staple for adjusters everywhere, Cougar Paws check all our boxes. Pro tip: size down for a snug fit that helps you move quicker!

A Durable Camera

When it comes to cameras in the field, your phone probably won’t cut it. You’ll need a camera that can withstand the unpredictable environments you’ll be working in. Imagine this: you’re inspecting a home that’s been flooded after a hurricane and as you go to pull your camera out of your pocket to snap some pics of the damage it slips right out of your hand and straight into the water you’re standing in. Now, if you had this waterproof camera, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Mobile Hot Spot

Sometimes the storms hit really remote areas. And by remote areas, we mean one stoplight and no Starbucks Wi-Fi to steal. Be sure to carry a mobile hotspot (you can get one from your phone or internet provider or here’s one we like) so you don’t get disconnected.

Download the full list here and prepare to take on storm season like a pro!

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