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Category: Catastrophe

Feb 16, 2024
2 Minute

Navigating the Fast Lane: Auto Adjuster Best Practices

In the world of insurance claims, auto adjusters navigate the fast-paced highway of assessments and settlements. Handling a multitude of claims in a single day requires adaptability, efficiency, and a...
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Houses Flooding Image
Sep 6, 2023
1 Minute

3 Tips for Navigating Hazardous Environments

As field adjusters, hazardous environments are just another part of the job. Before setting foot out in the field, remember: safety is your compass. When Mother Nature throws you a curveball in the fo...
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CAT KIT 101 Blog Cover-07
Aug 9, 2023
1 Minute

Your Guide to Every Catastrophe Adjuster’s Toolkit

It’s summer, which in the world of IAs means the first big storm is right around the corner. And whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, every independent adjuster needs to have all their e...
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Atlanta Office Space Empty
Jul 12, 2023
1 Minute

A Perfect Place to Handle Claims

We’ve officially opened a new center for claims outside Atlanta, GA. Located in the vibrant and growing area of Alpharetta, GA, you’ll find 34,462 sq feet of possibility. From private offices to c...
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