Stepping into the Future of Claims: an Interview with Westhill’s Scott Kay

Growing and scaling a business requires thoughtful strategic moves and continued innovation. As we expanded into new territory, we needed strong partnerships to boost our tech sector presence. It made sense to collaborate with the team at Westhill, a breakthrough technology solution for carriers and their policyholders.  About Westhill  Westhill provides digital solutions for the […]

Case Study: How Strategic IA Partnerships Led to Claims Success

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What began as an exclusive partner for a large carrier’s CAT Auto division turned into a new full-service claims partnership and an auto program built specifically with their needs in mind.  The Challenge  The exponential growth of a Fortune 500 insurance carrier exacerbated common issues of unpredictable influxes of claims, long cycle times, and even more […]

Leadership Spotlight: Armando Andrade

When he first joined TheBest Claims Solutions in 2017, Armando was determined to leave his mark. Between his years of experience and unmatched knowledge, Armando has built a claims division that truly reflects our mission of providing quality solutions that put people first. All while aiming to make his family proud. In celebration of 6 […]