A Perfect Place to Handle Claims

Atlanta Office Space Empty

We’ve officially opened a new center for claims outside Atlanta, GA. Located in the vibrant and growing area of Alpharetta, GA, you’ll find 34,462 sq feet of possibility. From private offices to call and training centers, our newest office space is a dynamic solution created to fit the needs of the growing claims industry. Why […]

Our Secret to TheBest Resume 

Our Secret to TheBest Resume 

Did you know most resumes are only reviewed for just 6-8 seconds? With hiring managers spending less and less time looking over a candidate’s qualifications, plus the increasing number of resumes received per job, it’s important to learn how to make yours stand out.   Over the years, our recruiters have learned what hiring managers look […]

3 Things You Should Look for in Your TPA

3 Things You Should Look for in Your TPA

When it comes to choosing a TPA/DCA, there is an abundance of options out there, and it can be difficult to find one that best fits your needs. And then, if they ultimately don’t meet your expectations, taking a chance on a new one is even more daunting. Make looking for a TPA/DCA that supports […]

The Ladder Safety Steps Every Adjuster Should Take

The Ladder Safety

As an adjuster, ladders are likely a part of your daily routine. The CDC reported last year that 43% of fatal falls in the last decade involved a ladder. Whether you rely on a ladder every day for work or it’s something you use sparingly at home, here’s how you can practice proper precautions. Step […]

New to Adjusting? Here’s Where to Start.

New to Adjusting? Here’s Where to Start

Deciding to pursue a new career path is scary. We’re breaking it down into a step-by-step process to help make the change a little less intimidating and a whole lot more exciting. What is an insurance adjuster? When someone files a claim on their insurance policy, insurance adjusters (or claims adjusters) investigate to determine liability, […]